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I decided to do something different and upload a bunch of badass Inquisitors. 

  1. INQUISITOR by Remton
  2. Inquisitor Lilith Abfequarn by Speeh
  3. Inquisitor Isolde Moranz by DeadXCross
  4. Inquisitor by jasperavent
  5. Inquisitor lady by jasperavent
  6. Inquisitor - Irene by Scatman27
  7. Xenos Inquisitor by Corbella
  8.  Lord Inquisitor Theresia Apollonia by DeadXCross
  9. Inquisitor by nina-ikavalko

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Adepta Sororitas

The majority of the Sisterhood’s initial membership was recruited from the pre-existing Brides of the Emperor, the all-female bodyguard force employed by the tyrannical High Lord Goge Vandire. Loyal to the Emperor, the Brides (initially called the Daughters of the Emperor, but renamed by Vandire) were misled by the insane Vandire into fulfilling his own designs. When the truth of the matter, and Vandire’s corruption and failure to serve the will of the Emperor, was revealed by the efforts of Sebastian Thor, the leader of the Daughters executed Vandire in his own audience chamber. The Daughters of the Emperor were at a loss as to what their purpose should be after this event, and so the Ecclesiarchy took the opportunity to recruit and indoctrinate them into the newly formed Adepta Sororitas, the Ecclesiarchy’s all-female military, circumventing the Decree Passive’s strictures forbidding the Ecclesiarchy to maintain a force of “men under arms.”

Sister of Battle WIP 3
by saint-max
by HenryPonciano
Adepta Sororita
by r7ll
Canoness Selena Agna
by De-eS
Rapid Fire (WH40K)
by cat-on-mars


Ordo Hereticus: Army of Me

by Cross

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